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Thank you so much for your support of Lauren’s Hope!  Yes, I can assure you that we mean what we say and are happy to send you a $50 gift certificate for linking from your blog to Lauren’s Hope.  I’m attaching a websafe image for you to add to your blog as well.  Please link the image to http://www.laurenshope.com.  Also, I understand that you never can be too trusting of anyone, but if you could assure your blog readers that we stand behind our word and our company, we would really appreciate that.  

Since it is extremely important for you to wear a medical ID I hope that you use your gift certificate to purchase something really wonderful.  You can find hundreds of unique styles here http://www.laurenshope.com/category/87/womens-medical-alert-jewelry.  In order to send your gift certificate I’m going to need your shipping address and a contact phone number.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


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Check out this blog. I have known about Lauren’s Hope for a long, long time and I have wanted to get me a Medial ID Bracelet, but I just haven’t had the extra money for such an item. I love number one! I hope this is a real offer because with Hyperparathyroidism being a rare disease most doctors are not aware of everything that is evolved with it. I have told many people in our group about this site so if I can tell more people about it then that is great!



How it Works: If you’re interested in 1 of the following items, subscribe to our blog AND leave a comment on this post telling us which item you would like and why.  Then, share this post with your friends on Facebook, your followers on Twitter and Your Blog or Website readers.  I’ll randomly select a commenter and announce our winners by 4:00 PM Friday CST, August 6, 2010.

Questions? email jenna@laurenshope.com


If you own a WEBSITE or publish a BLOG, we welcome you to link towww.laurenshope.com.  If you mention Lauren’s Hope on your blog or website and post a permanent link to us, email the URL to: links@laurenshope.com.  Once the link has been verified you will receive a 1 time $50 gift certificate.

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WordPress Tags: Lauren,Hope,Check,Medial,Bracelet,haven,money,item,Hyperparathyroidism,disease,doctors,Free,Stuff,Works,items,friends,Facebook,followers,Twitter,Blog,Website,August,links,Once,gift,certificate,readers,winners,laurenshope

Blogger Labels: Lauren,Hope,Check,Medial,Bracelet,haven,money,item,Hyperparathyroidism,disease,doctors,Free,Stuff,Works,items,friends,Facebook,followers,Twitter,Blog,Website,August,links,Once,gift,certificate,readers,winners,laurenshope

Soo far to catch ya’ll up to what’s been going on we finally went to visit my new grandson, oh my goodness he is a just a little doll! I can’t wait for the rest of the family to meet him!

Here a million and one photos….

So on another note, I have finally made a few YouTube videos, including my first bread video. It certainly was a lot of work. Whenever you made a cooking/food type video there is a lot of editing involved. My promises are obviously not worth a spit cuz I promised I would get it up yesterday and I still have not. I’m not feeling real well and I really needed to get some laundry done and my floors vacuumed, so that all had to come first and here it is 3:30pm and another day is just about gone. I just can not keep up.

Rick and I finally recovered two dinning room chairs. We had bought some fabric the beginning of last week and today we finally got around to doing it.

I couldn’t have found a better fabric. I’ve been slowly adding Red into my decor and my previous colors were green and tan/gold. I”m still very partial to green so when I say this gingham green and red pattern is perfect I really mean it! The chairs have been a thorn in my side for years now. My grandchildren really did a job on these chairs while they were living with me and I’ve wanted to recover them for some time. We only got one yard because I wasn’t quite certain if it was what I wanted or not. But now that I see the two chairs that we did I can’t wait to get the rest of the fabric to finish them up.

The garden is doing real well, we have several cucumbers, cantaloupes and corn. It will be fun when we can harvest all that vegetables and fruit. Rick and I are already researching what we can plant during the winter, and how we plan on changing and improving next summers garden.

Well laundry is calling me and I need to start fixing tonight’s pizza…


Samuel Ty 6 pounds 4 ounces Born 07/06/2010

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